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Glenn with his giant pumpkin.

Meet Glenn​


Glenn grew up on the farm he is now managing. He started out years ago with beef cattle and in 1989, sold the last cow and began focusing on crops. Having started his first sweet corn crop in 1972 as a summer project, Glenn has since been passionate about farming and made it a full time gig in 2000 when he left the ‘city commute’ to follow his dreams. Glenn’s vast knowledge of agriculture shows in his huge selection of offerings. He’s a real people person and aims to please, which is driving the farm’s expansion, offering year round services and fun activities. His good-natured competitive edge, pushes his ambitions to achieve products that are healthy and full of fresh flavor.

About the Farm


We are blessed with beautiful sandy loam which makes for great garden soil.  Glenn has grown just about every vegetable there is. Needham's Market Garden offers everything from asparagus to zucchini and supplies Arnprior, Almonte and Carleton Place with roadside stands during the summer months, and has booths at the Ottawa and Carp markets. There is also a Country Store open from 8 am to 6 pm daily from May to November and 9 pm to 1 pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday from December to April. Corn is Glenn’s specialty and his strawberries are pretty hard to beat!  However, over the last 10 years, he has been concocting fruit wines, which are now  for sale in three delicious flavors; Raspberry, Strawberry and Strawberry Rhubarb.

In 2020 we built a 1,200 square foot greenhouse to house all of our new tropical plants and house plants! In here you can find anything from banana trees to philodendrons to alocasia and much more!! 



Our goal at Needham's is to provide our customers the freshest, most flavourful products possible. We will sometimes choose a more flavourful variety over one that is just 'pretty'. Since 1995 we have eliminated the use of manure on any of our land, thereby reducing the likelihood of any foodborne manure based pathogens we so often see in food recalls. We also incorporate IPM practices. 


Needham's Market Garden sweet corn salsa.

Bought sweet corn salsa at Carp Christmas Market, both mild and hot, both delicious, OMG!!! addictive really. -Lorraine Thomas

Booth at the Ottawa Farmer's Market.

We are huge fans of Needham's sweet corn salsa and regularly visit their booth in the Ottawa Farmer's Market to stock up or to pick up their corn or any other seasonal vegetables on offer. -Jordana Heaton

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