We are proud to offer fresh produce, value added goods, as well as a few varieties of fruit wines. Click on the images below to get more detail on what we have to offer, be it year round or seasonally. 

Seasonal Products

These products are only available when they are in season. Click on the images to get more details.

Year Round Products

This includes produce as well as value added goods made from our own produce.

Fruit Wine

Naturally, this is a year round product but we are so proud of it, we thought it deserved a section all on its own. We have been making wine for over a decade and now offer three varieties of strawberry wine (sweet, dry and extra dry). We also offer two blends: a beet and raisin blend, as well as strawberry/rhubarb. 

Local Products

We are happy to sell some local products in our store at the farm. Please look for the following.

The Great British Pasty and Pie Co.

Try these savoury pies from The Great British Pasty and Pie Co. We stock Steak & Guinness, The Cornish, Deemple's Chicken Curry, Sophie's Cottage and Cheese & Onion.

Mississippi Meadows Honey

Made by Ritchie and Margie Argue from Pakenham.

Wine Well

Handmade by James Kucharik.

We want to hear from you. We are always open to great ideas and would love to hear what you think we can do with our produce. Please fill out the form below.

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